Exact, Precise, Accurate and Consistent

Scandia Plastics is a world leader in the art of extruding rigid plastic tubes and profiles. Our skilled technical experts are capable of stretching the process to the limits to provide the highest quality, most innovative products possible. We specialize in working with engineering personnel to meet specific product needs for specialized applications.

Extruded Plastic Tubing Parameters

Scandia Plastics readily welcomes technical challenges most extruders shy away from and can work within the following parameters:

  • Tolerances to: ± .003″
  • Diameters from: 1/8″ to 8″
  • Wall thickness from: .015″ to heavy wall

Extruded Plastic Tubing Applications

Our extensive capabilities, exacting standards and quality assurance continue to satisfy customers throughout the United States and around the world in many diverse product applications including:

  • Electronic Packaging Profile Tubes

  • Tape Cores

  • Plastic Core Tubes

  • Static-Dissipative (ESD) protective covers

  • OEM Component Storage Tubes

  • Filtration

  • Bird feeders

  • Mailing/Carrying/Shipping Tubes

  • Custom extruded tubes and profiles

Our parts have been trusted to even have taken a ride on the space shuttle and Trident submarines!