Plastic Core Tubes

Standard and customized diameters from 1/4″ to 8″. With standard or customized wall thicknesses.

Our plastic core tubes have proven to be a reliable, key component for many manufacturers, particularly those in the film, tape and cloth industries. Scandia Plastics has successfully produced hundreds of thousands of plastic core tubes over the past 40 years. Our plastic core tubes offer a dependable and economical solution to the industry’s need for strong, clean, moisture resistant plastic core tubing.

Technical Specifications

Scandia Plastics’ production facility, located in Plaistow, NH, is state-of-the-art and includes some of the finest equipment available for the extrusion of unsurpassed quality plastic core tubes. Our production facilities are capable of extruding plastic core tubes within the following parameters:

Plastic Core Tube Parameters:

  • Diameters from 1/4″ to 8″
  • Wall thickness from 1/32″ to 1/2″
  • Lengths from 6″ to 20 Feet

Our experienced team has the ability to customize plastic core tubes to meet your particular size, material and length requirement(s). Some of the common plastic core tube sizes extruded at Scandia Plastics, made primarily from High Impact Polystyrene (HIPS) or Polyethylene (HDPE) are as follows:

Common Plastic Core Tube Sizes – cut to your specified length(s):

  • 1.110″ O.D. x 1.020″ I.D. x .045″ wall thickness
  • 2.180″ O.D. x 2.000″ I.D. x .090″ wall thickness
  • 3.130″ O.D. x 3.010″ I.D. x .060″ wall thickness
  • 3.182″ O.D. x 3.032″ I.D. x .075″ wall thickness
  • 3.232″ O.D. x 3.032″ I.D. x .100″ wall thickness
  • 3.282″ O.D. x 3.032″ I.D. x .125″ wall thickness
  • 3.330″ O.D. x 3.030″ I.D. x .150″ wall thickness
  • 3.430″ O.D. x 3.030″ I.D. x .200″ wall thickness
  • 3.407″ O.D. x 2.987″ I.D. x .210″ wall thickness
  • 6.210″ O.D. x 6.030″ I.D. x .090″ wall thickness
  • 6.428″ O.D. x 6.028″ I.D. x .200″ wall thickness
  • 6.530″ O.D. x 6.030″ I.D. x .250″ wall thickness
  • 6.566″ O.D. x 6.036″ I.D. x .265″ wall thickness
  • 6.700″ O.D. x 6.040″ I.D. x .330″ wall thickness
  • Your custom O.D. and I.D. (between .250″ to 8″ diameter) cut to your custom lengths


We offer many secondary services such as notching and punching. We can also add a two-sided adhesive starter tape, if needed, to assist in the holding and winding of film, paper or cloth onto the plastic core tubes.

We have the know-how and ability to manufacture plastic core tubes from almost any thermoplastic material. Our plastic core tubes are the ideal choice for use in some of the following applications:

Plastic Core Tube Applications:

  • Film
  • Tape
  • Paper
  • Textiles

Your specific needs are important to us — give us a call at (603) 382-6533, contact us online, or request a quote to see what we can do for you!

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